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The Know Daily - Tuesday 20 February

🎾 Why the benefits of exercise could be greater for women, the rise of AI influencers + a tree-mendous competition.

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🎾 Why the benefits of exercise could be greater for women

🤳 The rise of AI influencers

🧑‍⚖️ Julian Assange begins a “last-ditch attempt” to fight extradition

Seven California condor birds were recently released into the wild in the US state following a successful breeding programme at Oregon Zoo. The birds - the largest in North America - are classified as critically endangered, but it’s hoped that recovery programmes such as these will help their numbers soar.

🎾 New evidence on exercise

Women benefit more than men from the same amount of regular exercise, a new study has found. 

Go on…
The study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, found that women gain greater benefits from exercise compared with men, even when putting in less time and effort. Researchers followed more than 400,000 adults aged 27 to 61 over two decades, finding that women needed only half the amount of exercise as men to experience similar health benefits, said CNN.

Do you have an example?
Sure. Women who exercised for 140 minutes per week saw a 24% reduction in their risk of premature death, while men needed to commit 300 minutes per week to achieve a similar level of benefit.

What’s behind this difference? 
According to researchers, it’s partly to do with the differences between men’s and women’s bodies. Men typically have larger hearts, lungs and more muscle mass than women, who typically need to adapt their respiratory and cardiovascular systems more in order to perform similar types of exercise, said MedicalNewsToday. And this greater need to adapt means that women are poised to gain “tremendous benefits” from exercise, and to a greater degree than men, explained Dr Susan Cheng, a cardiologist involved in the study

Why does this matter?
The findings add to a growing body of evidence suggesting that exercise regimes should be tailored according to sex, due to differences in “hormones, physiology and biomechanics”, explained The Times

Researchers also hope that the findings could help address the exercise gender gap, reported Euronews. Co-author Dr. Martha Gulati said that while women have “historically and statistically lagged behind men in engaging in meaningful exercise”, the study showed that women “can get more out of each minute of moderate to vigorous activity than men do”. “It’s an incentivising notion,” Gulati added.


A Star Wars film script left by actor Harrison Ford in a west London flat recently sold for how much at auction?

A) £112,000
B) £10,795
C) £27,000

Scroll to the very bottom for the answer.

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🤳 The rise of the AI influencer

The influencer landscape is being shaken up by a wave of virtual personalities…

What is an AI influencer, exactly?!
An AI influencer is like a regular social media influencer - someone who is paid to advertise certain products or brands to their online following - except in this scenario, the influencer is not a real person. Rather, they’ve been generated by artificial intelligence. Still confused? Take a look at @fit_aitiana 👇

Meanwhile, Miquela Sousa’s (@lilmiquela) computer-generated persona has attracted millions of followers on Instagram - as well as partnerships with Calvin Klein and Prada. 

Why are brands going for them?
Unsurprisingly, it’s all about money. These AI-generated influencers allow companies to advertise their products and services “at a fraction of the cost”, said New York Magazine

They’re also grabbing the public’s attention. An ad campaign by H&M featuring virtual influencer Kuki saw an “11x increase in ad recall” (people who remembered seeing the ad) compared with regular video ads. 

How have human influencers reacted?
According to the Financial Times, they’re concerned that their income is “under threat” from “digital rivals”. But those behind the AI creations argue that they are disrupting what is already an overinflated market, given the “skyrocketing rates” that influencers now charge.

What’s next for AI influencers?
Despite the buzz surrounding influencers like Aitana - who reportedly earns thousands of pounds through partnerships and subscriptions - AI creators told Business Insider that for the most part, AI content is “hardly a money-making machine”. 

Even so, the amount of AI-generated content online is set to increase, with European law enforcement group Europol forecasting that 90% of online content could be artificially generated by 2026. 

🧑‍⚖️ Julian Assange: Lawyers for the WikiLeaks founder will today begin a “last-ditch attempt” to fight his extradition to the US, where he faces charges of espionage.

🗞️ Navalny latest: Alexei Navalny’s widow has vowed to continue his work to fight for a “free Russia”. Yulia Navalnaya also met with EU ministers in Brussels on Monday.

📝 “Outdated law”: An “unprecedented” number of women in the UK are being investigated by police on suspicion of illegally procuring a termination, a leading abortion provider has told the BBC.

📺 All the drama: A Netflix docudrama depicting a romantic relationship between Alexander the Great and his male friend has provoked a “furore” - and Greece’s minister for culture has now weighed in.

🌳 A tree-mendous selection: Voting is now open for European Tree of the Year, a competition which brings together “the most unique and beautiful trees from across the continent”. Check them out.

Quarterlife by Satya Doyle Byock.

Come for: A much-needed roadmap through the confusion and chaos of early to mid-adulthood that feels like a heart-to-heart with a therapist.

Stay for: A fresh take on the “quarter-life crisis” that’s filled with insights from Jungian and developmental psychology, as well as plenty of nods to pop culture.

Recommended by Effie, who wishes she’d found this book earlier - and reckons if you liked Dolly Alderton’s Everything I Know About Love, Quarterlife is a 2024 must-read.

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Trivia answer: B) The incomplete and unbound script, written by George Lucas, fetched £10,795 at auction. It’s the fourth draft of the first Star Wars film, originally titled "The Adventures Of Luke Starkiller."

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