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  • The Know Daily - Thursday 25 April 2024

The Know Daily - Thursday 25 April 2024

🤳 The TikTok ban explained, why women might need more sleep + Venice charges day trippers.

Read in 5m 24s Listening to Amy Winehouse 

🤳 Biden signed into law a bill to force a TikTok sale or else ban it in the US 

😴 Why women might need more sleep than men

🇮🇹 Venice introduces an entrance fee for day trippers

An “astonishing array” of wildlife has been discovered in Cambodia’s mangrove forests, following a comprehensive biodiversity survey. Despite 700 different species being identified - including hairy-nosed otters and cats that catch fish - researchers said they had probably “not even scratched the surface”. 

🤳 Tick, tock

US president Joe Biden has signed into law a bill to force a sale of TikTok or else ban it outright. Here’s what you need to know. 

What does the bill involve?
It gives TikTok’s parent company - the Chinese tech firm ByteDance - 270 days to sell off its US operations, with a possible three-month extension if there are signs a deal is progressing. If this doesn’t happen, the video platform will be banned from US app stores.

The legislation also gives the White House new tools to ban or force the sale of other foreign-owned apps it deems to be security threats, noted Reuters.

Why has this happened?
Critics have long argued that TikTok could be forced to share its data on US users with the Chinese government, or “spread misinformation beneficial to Beijing”, Associated Press previously explained. TikTok denies that it has or would ever do so.

Nevertheless, US Congress this week voted overwhelmingly to pass the bill, with Biden signing it into law on Wednesday - less than three months after he joined TikTok with a video captioned “lol hey guys”.

What would a ban mean for users?
If TikTok is ultimately banned, it won’t suddenly disappear from users’ phones. Rather, it would no longer be on US app stores, making it harder - although not impossible - for users to download TikTok and receive updates.

Creators have warned that a TikTok ban could impact their livelihoods, reported The Independent, with an estimated seven million US businesses selling products on the platform.

Will TikTok fight back?
You bet. A TikTok spokesperson said in a statement that the company plans to challenge the law in the courts - and this could see any potential ban pushed further down the road.

It’s unclear whether China would let ByteDance sell TikTok and particularly its “coveted algorithm”, said The Verge. And as The New York Times pointed out, it’s unclear who would have the resources to afford TikTok’s “hefty price tag”.


Princess Diana’s “first” work contract is up for auction - in which she might have lied about what to get a job?

A) Her work experience
B) Her exam grades
C) Her age

Scroll to the very bottom for the answer.

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😴 Hit the hay

In recent months, social media has been flooded with posts suggesting that women need more sleep than men - but what’s the science behind this? 

So what do we know?
Most healthy adults need at least 7 hours of sleep each night - but numerous studies have shown that women may indeed need more sleep than men. There’s no specific research-backed number when it comes to how many more hours are needed, said Healthline - although we do know that women tend to sleep around 11 minutes longer than men. 

Why is this the case?
There are a number of possible factors. Women are 40% more likely to experience insomnia - and hormones may be another reason. As the Sleep Foundation explains, the sleep-wake cycle is ruled by hormones - and as women go through changes such as periods, pregnancy and menopause - circadian rhythms can be impacted.

The amount of time that women spend on caring responsibilities may also influence their tiredness levels and how much sleep they get. A 2016 analysis from the Office for National Statistics found that women carry out an overall average of 60% more unpaid work than men.

So what’s the takeaway?
As Healthline aptly summarised, getting enough quality sleep is crucial for wellbeing - “regardless of your sex or gender”. If you’re looking to level up your snooze game, we like these 15 science-backed tips.

🇮🇹 Pay to visit: Venice introduced an entrance fee for day trippers, becoming the first major city in the world to do so. 

🚂 Train of thought: Labour has pledged to fully renationalise the railways if it wins the next general election. 

🐎 Galloping away: Five military horses bolted through central London on Wednesday, with members of the public stepping in to soothe them. 

👏 Reproductive rights: Arizona took a “major step” towards repealing a near-total abortion ban from 1864.

🍿 One to watch: Danny Boyle is directing a new sequel to the acclaimed zombie horror 28 Days Later - and its all-star cast has just been announced.

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Trivia answer: C) Princess Diana is thought to have lied about her age on the contract - and we can understand why!

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