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The Know Daily - Friday 3 May 2024

💌 Your Friday roundup is here

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Hello hello,

Lynn here, wondering whether you’re all as excited as I am for the bank holiday?!

It’s been a fun but full-on week over here. It began with a great event hosted by Your Juno at the House of Lords (or should that be House of Ladies, given it was full of female founders 👀) where we chatted about closing the gender investment gap.

Research has repeatedly shown that women are more likely to save and less likely to invest than men - and Your Juno is doing amazing work in helping women feel more financially confident. 

This made us think: would you be interested in seeing more practical financial content from us? How to save, how to invest, how to budget - that kind of stuff. We’ve linked out to a great article on negotiating pay further down to give you an idea of what we mean. 

What do you reckon?!

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Lynn x

The price of Britain’s most expensive cup of coffee - it’s ordered “two or three times a week”. 

The altitude of a new astronomical observatory in Chile, now the highest on Earth.

Mulberry’s decline in annual sales, as high-end companies report a slowdown in spending.

The number of honeybees discovered inside the wall of a North Carolina home.


🗳️ Labour won the Blackpool South by-election with a 26% swing from the Conservatives, also making gains across local councils. 

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Humza Yousaf resigned as Scotland’s First Minister and SNP leader on Monday; John Swinney is in line to replace him.

🌊 The Rivers Trust launched a new project asking people to monitor their local rivers for pollution.


🤝 Saudi Arabia and the US are said to be nearing a historic pact that would offer the kingdom security guarantees and strengthen the US’s position in the region.

💰 Zimbabwe began circulating a new currency, as it looks to resolve a long-running money crisis.  

🪧 Campus unrest over Gaza continued across US universities this week, with hundreds of protestors arrested. 


👩‍💼 Two EU countries have no women leading any listed company, new research by Bloomberg revealed. 

👏 An oral vaccine was found to prevent recurrent UTIs for nine years in over 50% of patients.

🎼 TikTok and Universal Music Group reached a deal that will see songs and artists return to the app - Taylor Swift fans, rejoice 👑 

Excited Lets Go GIF by 2023 MTV Video Music Awards


🏛️ Italy has the right to reclaim a 2,000-year-old Greek statue from the Getty Museum in California, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on Thursday. 

🚆 Spain’s government is reviving a plan to build a train tunnel linking Spain and Morocco.

🕺 A Los Angeles recreation of the infamously bad Willy Wonka Experience in Glasgow was described as an “absurdist fever dream”. 


😮 Scientists developed a “self-digesting plastic” that could be used to tackle pollution. 

🛤️ Eurostar pledged to power its trains with 100% renewable energy by 2030. 

🌴 Mangrove forests in the Brazilian state of Pará gained further protections, in a move hailed as a victory for local communities and biodiversity.

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📚 Book talk from Esther 

There have been approx. two sunny evenings in the past week, and you can bet I’ve been headed to the park with a book (and pack of crisps) as soon as the clock hits 5. 

After hours spent looking at screens, I’ve found there’s no better way to transition out of the workday than getting lost in a novel outdoors - and here are a few recs in case you feel inspired to do the same: 

❣️ Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie
❣️ The Island of Missing Trees by Elif Shafak 
❣️ Hurricane Season by Fernanda Melchor
❣️ Runaway by Alice Munro

📰 Read: Three steps to nailing your salary negotiation, according to Your Juno. They’ve written out scripts you can use to make sure the convo goes the way you want it to! 

🎧 Listen to: Dua Lipa: At Your Service. The podcast touches on the biggest cultural and social questions of our time, through thoughtful interviews with guests ranging from Billie Eilish to Tim Cook.

📺 Watch: Love Lies Bleeding (out in cinemas now), A Man in Full (Netflix), The Idea of You (Prime Video), Fiasco (Netflix), Shardlake (Disney+). 

🍷 Drink: The Uncommon! They make unbelievably tasty English wine and spritzers, using grapes grown and handpicked in their Kent vineyard. We’ve just gifted five lucky readers two cases each - C K from Kent, C L from Glasgow, Jade G from Norwich, Shannon F from the UK and Molly A from London - check your inbox! 💌 

Even better, all our readers can take 30% off their first order with The Uncommon, with our code SUMMERSIPS 🍾

ChatGPT’s chatbot rival is being introduced to iPhones. What’s the chatbot called?

A) Charlie
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C) Colin

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This week, we’re highlighting roles at:
Net Zero Now, the platform that helps businesses reduce their carbon emissions 
​​⭐ Pasta delivery service Nonna Tonda
64 Million Artists, the creativity social enterprise 

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Statement socks for spring. 

Come for: Making socks an intentional feature of your outfit and not just an afterthought - The Guardian’s Chloe Mac Donnell has some great advice for styling. 

Stay for: This lovely lavender colour or this lightweight linen pair 


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